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This newsletter is my “creative outlet” to write about tech, investing, corporate governance, and other topics I find interesting.

Premium Content

Beginning February 2020, I will also be writing premium content for this newsletter that focuses on:

  • Corporate governance

  • Researching stocks (i.e. deep dives, initiations, strategy, unit economics, etc.)

  • Valuation work

  • Interviewing experts/investors and management

  • Critiquing activist situations I find interesting

  • “Real time” situations I think warrant extra attention

  • (Possibly) Identifying and speculating on equity grants that exhibit “spring loading” and/or “bullet dodging” (No guarantees I’ll be able to find anything worth discussing so can’t commit to writing about it)

  • Companies and/or industries I think are undergoing an interesting inflection

Overall, the goal for premium is to create content that’s helpful to professional and experienced investors. Basically, I’m treating the premium newsletter like a pseudo-buyside gig where I’m emailing subscribers as I make progress on various research projects.

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